This website is a new work by Jesus Benavente. 

In this work, Before I Forget, I am using the Creative Commons License to disseminate a series of works that I would otherwise have forgotten or never done for various reasons. I won't ever take these ideas down, but I will periodically add new/old ideas to this work. These ideas are available to be used for free via the Creative Commons License.

Maybe you are in a slump, or you've been invited to be part of a show at the last moment and don't have anything readily available. Maybe you really like the idea and just want to do it.  Maybe you think the idea is terrible and just want to prove how bad it is. It doesn't matter why you choose to make the work. I'm making the ideas available to you. I hope it goes well.

All I ask is that you keep my name and title attached to the work in a somewhat visible way as indicated by the Creative Commons License. The rest I leave to you.

Much love,

Jesus Benavente



It would also be cool if you let me know whenever you do show/make these works. I would love to see them exist.

Please feel free to contact me: